The INSEAD Directors’ Network (IDN), and the IN-BOARD activities in The Netherlands join forces and events will be open for both types of members.


The Netherlands took the lead for those two board alumni groups to join forces, and the INSEAD Directors’ Network is now open for membership to all INSEAD alumni that are active as Board members. In the same spirit, the IN-BOARD events are open to all IDP alumni, and vice versa. The IDN events we’ll organise in The Netherlands from now on will have a more international focus to complement the IN-BOARD activities (and be held in English). The next IDN event will be on March 27, when Jose Luis Alvarez, the new Academic Director of the INSEAD Corporate Governance Center will be one of our guests, the topic being the relationship between boardrooms & politics.


IDN is a Global INSEAD Alumni Club who are intent on improving corporate governance to support INSEAD’s mission – “Business as a Force for Good”. It is a powerful group of international Board members and Corporate Governance Experts throughout the Globe who engage and facilitate both networking and exchange opportunities on the latest in corporate governance. The Network comes together twice a year at INSEAD’s International Directors Forum (IDF), runs international webinars on current board topics, and organises events for its members in major cities via its local ambassadors (Fennemiek Gommer for The Netherlands). The Network supports theINSEAD Corporate Governance Centre activities in terms of education, research, and outreach.


IDN was welcomed by the INSEAD International Alumni Association in 2014 and grew out of the INSEAD International Directors’ Programme (IDP). However, as many of you know, already in 2009 a group of Dutch alumni took the initiative to develop the IN-BOARD governance programme – open to INSEAD alumni only. This programme is now running in 6 countries, with more than 170 alumni. For this active alumni network Jeroen de Kempenaer organises 2 Masterclasses and 2 Governance Labs each year in The Netherlands (NB these are often in Dutch).


All of you will be invited to future events in The Netherlands. However, to join activities in other countries and be invited to the Forums, please sign up for IDN at My INSEAD and ask the INSEAD Corporate Governance center (in cc) to put you on their mailing list.


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