BoardCompanions has a cooperation with the INSEAD Netherlands Association and IN-BOARD.

About Board Companions the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the non-profit sector plays a crucial role in addressing societal challenges, fostering community well-being, and driving positive change. As in the business world, non-profits are encountering dynamic shifts, from evolving business models to changing ecosystems and meeting demanding reporting standards. Non-profit-organizations (NPO), or charitable organizations, make a substantial contribution to the Dutch economy, accounting for 5% of the GDP and 12% of employment. This underscores the importance and scale of the non-profit sector in the country.

Non-profit organizations in the Netherlands actively seek guidance in critical areas such as Governance, Finance, Strategy, Growth, People & Organization, Digital, and Sustainability. This demonstrates a clear demand for long-term guidance and specialized knowledge and expertise in these domains.

1. Mission

  • Increase societal impact through board companionship with driving purpose and performance of non-profit organizations

2. Board Companions

  • Bridge the gap between the purpose-driven focus of NPOs and the performance-driven approach of private and public companies.
  • Experienced executives with board and/or senior management experience.
  • Alumni of the renowned INSEAD Business School.
  • Motivated volunteers investing their time in the non-profit sector.

3. Objectives

  • Become the reference network of independent directors for non-profit organizations.
  • Recognized “Thought-leaders” in driving impact programs for non profit organizations.
  • Work at the Raad van Toezicht, Raad van Bestuur level with NPOs.

4. Research Findings

  • NPOs in the Netherlands are often focused solely on “purpose,” while companies are predominantly “performance-only” driven.
  • Both sectors can learn from each other, leading to a better balance between societal purpose and performance.

5. Approach

  • Board Companions join NPOs as independent and pro-bono Raad van Toezicht members.
  • Act as change agents in NPO boards, contributing expertise in governance, finance, marketing, strategy, and people.
  • Promote cross-fertilization between the business and non-profit worlds.

6. Activities

  • Focus on sharing experiences, learnings, and creating communities of interest.
  • Develop thought leadership in the areas of societal impact, governance, finance, marketing, strategy, and people and organizations

7. Current Situation

  • As of today, 30 INSEAD Alumni serve as Board Companions in 40 NPO’s as Member or Advisor of Raad van Bestuur, Supervisory Board or Advisor of the Management Board.
  • The total pool of Board Companions is 60 people, exclusive INSEAD Alumni.
  • Board Companions received a NPS score of 90%.
  • Partners include: Oranjefonds, VSBFonds, Social, Fonds Gehandicapten Sport.

8. Goals for 2024-2025

  • Develop strong Communities, for Board Companions and NPO’s.
  • Expand activities in the sectors: Humanity, Green & Nature and Arts & Culture.
  • Professionalize the organization from start-up to scale up.

In summary, Board Companions aim to bring experienced professionals into the non-profit sector, leveraging their skills and knowledge to enhance both purpose and performance, ultimately becoming a reference network for independent directors in non-profit organizations.


Companions Board: Cor Dubois-Founder, Jeanine Lemstra, Ed van Gent, Aksel van der Wal

Contact: Cor Dubois +33624960286

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