We believe in continued learning and members are expected to join regular events to stay up-to-date and share their experiences. Under Chatham House Rules real life cases are discussed. In a different setting than the board, members can take time for reflection, intervision and discussion with other supervisory board members and external speakers.

Governance Lab

Governance Lab – twice a year –  The Lab consists of content based discussions and interpersonal skills stimulated by actual (case) situations and discussion, all supported by legal and accountancy experts and case-related subject matter experts. Some examples:

  • The supervisory board and the media. Is talking to the media part of good governance? How should the organization deal with journalists? A well-positioned interview could be quite useful, or is it riding the tiger? An editor and a journalist from Volkskrant and BNR joined our discussion
  • Governance and the extraordinary stakeholders. An organization with a ‘Nobel Prize winner’, a powerful pater familias or a brilliant inventor. Stakeholders with extraordinary, but informal power. How their brilliance and their autonomy cause issues for trying to keep an organization on the supervisory ‘straight and narrow’.  Hans Wijers shared his insights.


Master Classes – twice a year – Aimed at learning about (more than discussing) specific governance issues. Focus on technicalities, legal aspects, accountability, liability – format 1 hour class, 30 mins Q&A (plus a concise reader put together by experts). Some examples:

  • Governance and the employee representation, the Ondernemingsraad. Focus on the formal/legal aspects and the supervisory role of Non-Exec Directors. When and how to involve the OR in times of major change, such as restructuring, M&A, disruption? What must be done, what is possible?
  • Governance during times of Merger & Acquisition. The supervisory board has a special role in the run-up to, during and after such a process. A lot of different stakeholder interests to monitor, the issues of conflicts of interest between Supervisors and Management, and additional formal roles for Supervisors during the M&A process.

Governance Lab and the Master Classes are carried out in collaboration with:

Collaboration with experts

Van Doorne advocaten – www.vandoorne.nl

PwC – www.pwc.nl