All IN-BOARD members are requested to sign the following statement.

As an alumni / alumni of INSEAD, I have a diversified, rich experience as a manager in an international and complex context. I am willing to let the company / institution benefit from my experience  I am aware of the effects that may arise from cultural differences and I know how to handle these.

I, ……………………………………… …………………………….. declare regarding my current and future supervisory roles as follows:

1. Independence and impartiality

  • I am independent and objective in my opinion with respect to the company / institution that appeals to me and its stakeholders.
  • I represent the interests of the company / institution and weigh it from the perspective of all stakeholders (such as shareholders, customers, employees and “residents”).
  • I am not affiliated with an organization, association or relationship (political, commercial, or otherwise) in such a way that there is a risk of conflicts of interests.
  • I am not bound by a non-competition clause that is conflicting with my duties and I can act without any hesitation or consultation.
  • I refrain from any appointment for a company / institution, of which I have the impression that accepting that appointment could undermine my independence in other supervisory roles.

2. Commitment and availability

  • I ensure that I have the right information to perform the function in its entirety.
  • I have sufficient control over my time and availibility to give the necessary time and attention,  to a supervisory role,  even in bad circumstances.
  • I have permission from my employer (where applicable).

3. Ethical behavior and integrity

By joining IN-BOARD, I commit to complying with the Code of Conduct. As non-executive director or supervisory board member, I also commit to:

  • Act in accordance with the letter and spirit of rules and principles of good governance.
  • To ensure equal and complete transparency with respect to all other Commissioners and / or Supervisors.
  • Clearly oppose my opposition, substantiated by argumentation, against the company / institution’s interests and accept the consequences of such opposition.• I am aware that, in a supervisory role, I do not have an “executive” role.
  • I give organizational ethics and professional objectivity a high priority.

I declare that I am beyond reproach. I declare that completed this statement truthfully and accept that in the event I am no longer beyond reproach, I can no longer be a member of IN-BOARD.


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